Hailing from Floyd, NY, Dennis Buczek is one of the premier pedal steel players in the Mohawk Valley. After playing among the greats in Nashville, TN during the 1990s, Denny returned to his New York roots, where he now supplies the steel sound that sets the Fulton Chain Gang apart in the local music scene.​

David’s musical road started at an early age, when he dreamed of being the fifth Monkee, while surviving mandatory piano lessons. His musical influences were shaped by his family and friends, and range from Amadeus to Zeppelin. He grew up listening to AM radio and the Pop music of the 60s & 70s, but David's first love is Art Rock. In Middle School, his desire to write music led him to be conned into playing the Double Bass in the orchestra. Inspired by another school music teacher in need of a bass guitarist, David taught himself bass guitar, with help from Mel Bay, and a well-worn first album from the band Boston. He has played in several local bands, and toured with a hotel show band. His tenure with the FCG has helped him check-off some bucket list items, such as recording a CD, and opening on large venue stages. David’s strong high harmonies, solid low bass lines, and goofy stage personality make him an integral part of the Fulton Chain Gang’s sound.



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